It's not collusion, it's incompetence

Democrats need to focus on Trump's ineptness as a leader as they seek to unseat him and take the Senate back.

This tweet from Chuck Schumer says it all.

The middle class isn’t making any progress under this Administration.

We know that more than 50% of the American people think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Trump's Tax plan is incredibly unpopular.

He failed at replacing Obamacare. He has been unable to beat President Obama's job gains.

Trump failed at securing our Southern border and instead provoked a humanitarian crisis.

Trump's vaunted infrastructure plan has never materialized.  

The Mueller report lays out why - we have a President who is incompetent. Who cannot govern. Whose staff routinely lies to him and the American people.

Trump and the Republican Party simply have not delivered. And, of course, we are lucky that some of their work hasn't come to fruition. But, we need a President and Congress who can govern.

There are big challenges this country needs to face. Making our democracy one where everyone is included, reducing rampant inequality, building the schools and infrastructure that will power us through the 21st century, rooting out the drug cartels (aka pharmaceutical companies) that are destroying us through high prices and opioids.

We have work to do - we need a Democratic ticket that focuses on that. A ticket that draws a clear comparison between actually being able to lead a government versus starring in a reality talk show.

Jay Inslee - a candidate with experience?

And there is one Democrat with executive experience. Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington. Who is running on a climate change platform. Climate change is incredibly important. But is that his biggest selling point right now? Or maybe it should be a record of being able to govern.