How can I make you look good?

My name is Jason Hahn and I'm the founder at 3223 Consulting, a marketing company focussed on progressive politicians and entrepreneurs based in Seattle.

I'm passionate about making you look good. Online on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, and your website. Offline in print and the written word.

I help you connect with your supporters and clients as you.

Together we will hear your voice - the successful voice that you have already used to get to where you are now. And amplify that voice to reach many others.

What do my clients say?

“You helped keep us focused. I'm fairly certain we wouldn't have had the outcome we did without you. Thanks again for always helping me when I got off track or needed help with the website. You rock!! Any future campaign manager and candidate will be lucky to have you as part of their team.”

Holly Knutson, Campaign Manager, winning state legislative campaign, Washington State

Mona Das Testimonial.png

State Senator Mona Das, Washington State

"Thank you! The insights you shared sparked an excellent discussion. Thanks again for the good work!" 

Camilla Nestor, non-profit executive, New York, New York